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CoNeXT Appointments partly or fully financed from the CoNeXT grant

X-ray Analysis and the human sciences

PhD student Thomas Christiansen

Protein Fibril Structure

Postdoc Carlotta Marasini

Membrane proteins

Postdoc Nis Pedersen, November 15 2013 - April 30 2014

Fibroplast Growth Factor Receptor interactions

Postdoc Kim Krighaar Rasmussen 

Plasmodium falciparum Proteins implicated in severe malaria pathogenesis and immunity

Postdoc Vladyslav Soroka

Large Complexes

Postdoc Jerzy Dorosz

Stem cell osseous reconstruction

PhD student Camilla Neidam 

PhD student Morten Dahl

Therapeutic Proteins at interfaces

PhD student, Sofie Fogh Hedegaard

Formulation and Structural Characterization of Soft Self-assembled nanopharmaceuticals

PhD student Aghiad Ghazal

Detection of socio-cultural factors facilitating collaborative innovation related to the new large research facilities in the Øresund region

Two positions (postdoc/PhD) are about to be filled

The Legal Dimension

1 postdoc position has been advertised.

Pharmaceutical Materials Research

1 PhD stipend is advertised.