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  • 4 December 2017,

    Final CoNeXT Social Sciences Seminar

    Presentation of movies recorded during the project  period followed by a Round Table Discussion » Read more

  • 16 November 2017, 13:00-17:00

    Managing and Processing Images from X-Ray and Neutron Facilities

    HCØ, Aud 9. 13-17, November 16th, 2017 Program 13:00 Welcome 13:05 Software for Science - Hans Fanghor, XFELThe talk outlines some of the challenges of the field of computational science which includes data processing and analysis and is increasingly regarded as a third pillar of research that complements experimental and theoretical work. The issues include the reproducibility of computational science, the lack of appropriate computational training for researchers at all career stages, the required high flexibility of research codes, and the existing performance metrics for researchers and research institutions.I attempt to provide an overview of some emerging computational and workflow tools as well as software engineering techniques that can be used to start to address these challenges. 13:50 Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Image Analysis: Segmenting and Characterizing Complex Samples at Scale - Kevin Mader, 4QuantThe diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer has been drastically improved by new imagingmethods which generate over 1 billion pixels per patient where single spots can drasticallyinfluence the diagnosis and treatment. For physicians this means a long time must be spent carefully reading images. 4Quant (an ETH Spinoff) together with the University Hospital Basel have demonstrated the potential to radically reduce the reading time without sacrificing quality by using Big Data and Deep Learning approaches. We present the work we have done towards a computer aided staging of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). 14:35 Coffee 15:00 Novel Neutron Imaging Techniques and Processing Requirements at ESS - Markus Strobl, PSIWhile neutron imaging has proven its vast potential for scientific and industrial applications at continuous sources, neutron imaging taking advantage of a pulsed source and hence time-of-flight methods is a new field unlocking yet unexplored methods and fields of applications. Within the last decade various novel imaging modalities have been developed taking advantage of wavelength resolution and in particular of scattering information amenable in addition to conventional real space image resolution. Hence, neutron imaging is not only revealing macroscopic inner structures or densities of different material compositions anymore, but also inhomogeneities of crystalline structure and phase, corresponding structural transitions as well as microscopic structural behavior in space and time and magnetic phenomena can be studied. An optimized imaging instrument at the ESS long pulse source will have the unique potential to coverall these areas with highest efficiency and performance by taking advantage not only of the high time averaged flux but also the flexibility provided by the source time structure for a versatile instrument. However, taking advantage of such potential does not only require the instrument, as approved for construction and known as ODIN, but the corresponding development of method specific software tools, correction algorithms and quantification. Conventional and novel methods and their respective requirements shall be introduced.15:45 End-to-end data-management facility at the faculty of Science - Brian Vinter, UCPHThe faculty of Science at UCHP has, in the past few years, build an infrastructure that allows researchers that use large scale imaging facilities, to manage their data end-to-end. Scientists may transfer data directly from a facility into UCPH, and may process them immediately, manually or through a workflow, and finally make archives and open-databases. The talk will introduce the motivation and the solutions that the solution offers and demonstrate how automated workflows may increase researcher productivity immensly.16:15 CINEMAXe – workflow for 3D Modelling and Imaging of Material Microstructure - Jens W Andressen, DTUDTU and KU will launch an e-course in 3D Modelling and Imaging of Material Microstructure in 2018. The course is based on our successful series of five-day summer schools, held in August 2015, 2016 and 2017.We are now committed to transforming the lectures and material to an online course on Coursera. Our aim is to create an engaging course for both specialized PhD students and people from industry wanting to learn about high-level concepts and applications.Besides video lectures and tutorials, the students learn techniques through hands-on exercises involving python programming implemented in Jupyter Notebooks. The notebooks are hosted and executed on JupyterHub servers, which were tested with 30 students on the most recent edition of the summer school. I will present the course program and show examples of the interactive sessions that the students are subjected to. 17:00 End of workshop » Read more

  • 23 October 2017, 10:00-20:00

    7th and last General Meeting at Magleås Kursuscenter, Birkerød

    Remember to sign up for the meeting before October 9, 2017, by sending a mail to » Read more

  • 14 September 2017, 12:30-18:00

    Presentation of CoNeXT at Network meeting of UCPH Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research

    » Read more

  • 9 March - 30 March 2017

    Mini-course in the fabrication of ancient Egyptian papyrus sheets and inks

    Get a mini-course in the fabrication of payrus sheets and inks - the primary form of communication in the ancient Mediterranean c. 3000 BCE - 400 CE. The mini-course will take place from March 9, 16:00-18:00 p.m. and the following 3 Thursdays. » Read more

  • 17 February 2017, 13:00

    PhD defense Aghiad Ghazal

    Cand.scient. Aghiad Ghazal defends his PhD thesis entitled "Combination of Microfluidics with SAXS for the Investigation of Pharmaceutical Formulations" Assessment CommitteeBruno Silva, INL International Iberian Nanotechnology Lab., PortugalMaria Dimaki, DTU Nanotech, DenmarkLars H. Øgendal, Niels Bohr Institute, UCPH (chair) SupervisorsProfessor Kell Mortensen, Niels Bohr Institute, UCPHAnan Yaghmur, Department of Pharmacy, UCPH » Read more

  • 9 February 2017, 11:30-17:30

    Sine Larsen Symposium

    The Symposium is open for all interested

    Registration for lunch participation is required. Please note that it will be a limited number and allocated based on time of registration (register by mail to Lunch will be served in the meeting room of the consistorium, next to the auditorium.

    » Read more

  • 16 December 2016, 13:00-16:00

    PhD defense Thomas Christiansen

    Thomas Christiansen defends his PhD Thesis » Read more

  • 28 November 2016, 14:00-16:30

    Inaugural lecture Timo Minssen

    On the occasion of Timo Minssen's commencement of employment as Professor in Biotechnology Law, The Faculty of Law invites you to attend the inagurual lecture and following reception Monday, 28 November 2016, 14:00 - 15:00, Annex A, the Annex building, Studiegaarden, Studiestraede 6, DK-1455 Copenhagen K Programme 14:00 - 14:10 Welcome by Dean Jacob Graff Nielsen, Faculty of Law, UCPH 14:10 - 15:00 Peeling the Onion: How to Promote Biomedical Innovation and Access to Medicine by Professor Timo Minssen 15:00 - 16:30 Reception in the staff canteen 02-3-44, Studiegaarden, Studiestraede 6, 3rd floor, DK-1455 Copenhagen K All are welcome, but registration is required. Please register using the registration form at this link, no later than Thursday 24 November 2016, 12:00 Yours sincerely,Dean Jacob Graff Nielsen » Read more

  • 14 November 2016, 09:30-16:00

    Cultural Heritage and the Sciences

    Program Introduction 9:30 - 10:00 9:30 - 9:45 Welcome and coffee/tee 9:45 - 10:00 What is CoNeXT? Sine Larsen, Chemistry Department UCPH, PI CoNeXT First session Chair Kell Mortensen, NBI UCPH, Co-PI CoNeXT 10:00 - 10:45 Ancient Ink as a Technology Kim Ryholt, Egyptology UCPH, Co-PI CoNeXT and Thomas Christiansen, Egyptology UCPH 10:45 - 11:30 Reading the charred papyrus scrolls of Herculaneum: utopia or reality? Claudio Ferrero, the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble 11:45 - 13:00 Lunch Second session 13:00 - 16:00 13:00 - 13:45 Strontium isotopes - the GPS of archaeology Karin Frei, the National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen 13:45 - 14:30 The glass road - chemical analyses of late Bronze Age glass and the tracking of ancient exchange routes Jeanette Varberg, Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus 14:30 - 15:15 Watching works of art under the synchrotron lights Marine cotte, ESRF, Grenoble 15:15 - 16:00 Closing remarks and tour of the Papyrus Carlsberg Collection » Read more

  • 24 October 2016, 09:00-21:00

    General Meeting 2016

    The 6th General Meeting of the CoNeXT project will take place October 24th at Magleås Kursuscenter from 9:00 - 21:00 Tentative Programme 09:00 - 10:00 Arrival at Magleås - Coffee/tea 10:00 - 10:20 CoNeXT report from PMT, Mid-term evaluation and future perspectives Sine Larsen, Department of Chemistry 10:20 - 11:00 European-XFEL, research opportunities Christian Bressler, European XFEL 11:00 - 11:20 University-Industry collaboration in Japan Simon Lex, Anthropology 11:20 - 11:40 Dimeric peptides with three different linkers self-assemble with phospholipids to form peptide nanodiscs that stabilize membrane proteins Andreas Nørgaard, NBI 11:40 - 12:00 Fluorophore labeling of cell-penetrating peptides significantly alters the mode and degree of biomembrane interaction Sofie Hedegaard, Pharmacy 12:00 - 14:00 Lunch and leisure time 14:00 - 14:20 The papyrus project - a status report Thomas Christiansen - Cross-cultural and Regional Studies 14:20 - 14:40 Improving Quantification in Brain & H/N PET/MRI Claes Nøhr Ladefoged, Nuclear Medicine & PET, Rigshospitalet 14:40 - 15:00 Structure of the intact human MTA2-RBBP7 complex Christoffer Brasen, Drug Design and Pharmacology 15:00 - 15:20 X-ray scanning of large 2D-objects; compensating information gaps with model regularizations Torsten Laurdisen, LM Windpower 15:20 - 15:50 Coffee/tea 15:50 - 16:10 ESS Legal issues Torsten Bjørn Larsen, CIIR, Aalborg University 16:10 - 16:30 Dynamics, disorder and diffuse scattering Nanna Wahlgren, Department of Chemistry 16:30 - 17:00 Applying neutrons as part of the methodological battery in the investigation of protein fibrillation Bente Vestergaard, Drug Design and Pharmacology 18:00 - 21:00 Dinner » Read more

  • 10 October 2016, 15:00-17:30

    European Spallation Source and the Law

    The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a forthcoming neutron scattering facility under construction in Lund, Sweden. CoNeXT ( is part of the UCPH2016 Excellence Program for Interdisciplinary Research with a focus on the large scale research infrastructures generating neutrons (ESS) and synchrotron radiation (MAX IV). The legal part of the CoNeXT project concentrates on issues relating to the managing and administration of the ESS This seminar focuses on some of the legal issues associated with ESS: ESS public procurement, ESS corporate governance and ESS intellectual property The Seminar is open for everyone - no registration needed! Read the program » Read more

  • 14 June 2016, 13:00-17:00

    Biology & Materials Sciences at Free Electron Lasers

    Program 13:00 - 13:05 Introduction Sine Larsen (CoNeXT 13:05 - 13:45 Imaging macromolecules using X-ray laser pulses Henry Chapman (Centre for Ultraast Imaging, Hamburg) 13:45 - 14:15 Ultrafast protein intramolecular motion observed with an X-ray free-electron laser Matteo Levantino (University of Palermo) 14:15 - 14:45 Ultrafast dynamic imaging of molecules with free-electron lasers - is it possible? Henrik Stapelfelt (Aarhus University) 14:45 - 15:15 Coffee break 15:15 - 16:00 Fast Physical and Chemical Processes studied at XFELs 16:00 - 16:30 Ultrafast probing of surface mediated catalysis with x-ray lasers Anders Nilsson (Stockholm University) 16:30 - 17:00 The Materials Imaging and Dynamics (MIC) Station at European XFEL Anders Madsen (European XFEL) Drinks and snacks » Read more

  • 26 May 2016, 13:00

    Conservation of the papyrus collection at the British Museum

    Bridget Leach, papyrus conservator at the Department of Conservation and Scientific Research at the British Museum will give a lecture entitled "Conservation of the papyrus collection at the British Museum" AbstractThe talk will present the practical aspects of conservation work after a short introduction to the different types of papyri found in the British Museum's collection. The problems that conservation can encounter with the ancient writing material will be outlined, and the treatments undertaken to preserve them using case histories. Some of the research work done to understand the alteration to the pigments used to illustrate many of the funerary papyri in the collection will also be explained. » Read more

  • 29 April 2016, 13:00

    The writing material PAPYRUS and its structure by Myriam Krutzsch

    The Papyrus Carlsberg Collection in collaboration with The CoNeXT project UCPH excellence programme for interdisciplinary research, presents Diplomrestauratorin Myriam Krutzsch, Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung, Stattliche Museen zu Berlin The writing material PAPYRUS and it structure Berlin P. 1003- Detail in transmitted light AbstractNot only ancient texts can be read and evaluated, the carrier material - in this case the papyrus - has its own reading. In this lecture the structure and composition of papyrus is considered and evaluated in detail. This knowledge can be used to develop specific criteria by which manuscripts can be classified. Further, these criteria sometimes allow for a spatial or temporal allocation of papyri and in turn confirm several statements amde by Pliny the Elder about papyrus in his Historia Naturalis. Precise information of the materiality as well as technical details of the medium is likely to make it possible to classify papyri of unknown origin and/or of undeterminated date more accurately. » Read more

  • 2 February 2016, 09:00-16:00

    Organising Sciences - The Cross-disciplinary making of knowledge & commercialisation of research

    The Cross-disciplinary making of knowledge & Commercialisation of Research » Read more

  • 1 February 2016, 10:00-12:00

    The Lund seminar - Interdisciplinary research & collaboration

    CoNeXT member, Associate professor, Dr. Timo Minssen presents on interdisciplinary research & collaboration at Lund University » Read more

  • 28 January 2016, 14:00-18:30

    Standardization, IPRs and open innovation at Cambridge University

    CoNeXT member Timo Minssen speaks on "Standarization, IPRs and open innovation" at University og Cambridge » Read more

  • 2 November 2015, 09:00-21:00

    5th General Meeting CoNeXT at Magleaas

    Agenda 9:00 - 10:00 Arrival at Magleås Coffee/tea 10:00 - 10:15 CoNeXT and the relation to related acitivites, Interreg project, selvevaluation, Sine Larsen, Chemistry 10:15 - 10:55 The MAX IV project present state and what to expect (beamlines), Jesper Andersen, Director of Research, MAX IV Laboratory 10:55 - 11:20 DanMAX a Danish beamlin at MAX IV, Mad Ry Vogel Jørgensen, Aarhus University 11:20 - 11:40 Proteins fibrillation: a challenging system for a strucutral study, Carlotta Marasini, Drug Desging and Pharmacology 11:40 - 12:00 Collaborations and interactions with industry, Simon Lex, Anthropology 12:00 - 14:00 Lunch and leisure time 14:00 - 14:20 The payrus project - a status report, Thomas Christiansen, Cross-cultural and Regional Studies 14:20 - 14:40 ESS present state and developments, Pascale Deen, ESS 14:40 - 15:00 New Delivery method for Hepatitis B vaccine, studied using Neutron and X-ray imaging, Martin Kjærulff Rasmussen, NBI 15:00 - 15:20 Polymorphs and inelastic scattering, Monika Kovacic, Chemistry and Pharmacy 15:20 - 15:50 Coffee / tea 15:50 - 16:20 Synchrotron micro-CT-evaluation of bone-to-implant contact in comparison with histology, Camilla Neldam, Oral Health Science 16:20 - 16:40 Self-assembled peptide nanodiscs stabilise membrane proteins and give insight into the role of interhelical linkers in HDL particles 16:40 - 17:10 CIN (Copenhagen Imaging Network), Brian Vinter, NBI 17:10 - 17:40 Interfaculty collaborations challenges and benefits, Karen Lisa Salamon 18:00 - 21:00 Dinner » Read more

  • 1 October 2015, 13:00

    PhD defense Pie Huda

    PhD student Pie Huda defends her PhD project "Studying Membrane protein structure and function using nanodiscs" Pie Huda is a PhD student at the X-ray and Neutron Science group at the Niels Bohr Institute, supervised by Professor Lise Arleth » Read more

  • 28 September 2015, 13:00-17:00

    Workshop: Magnetism studied with Synchrotron Radiation and Neutrons

    Program 13:00 - 13:15 Introduction - Possibilities for magnetism at ESS and MAX IVKim Lefmann, Niels Bohr Institute 13:15 - 13:55 Novel magnetic states probed with (polarised) neutron scatteringPascale Deen, ESS 13:55 - 14:15 Molecular magnets - in the phonon soupMikkel Agerbæk, Department of Chemistry, UCPH 14:15 - 14:55 Neutron scattering in nanomagnetismHartmut Zabel, University of Bochum 14:55 - 15:20 Coffee break 15:20 - 15:40 Time dependent magnetism and exploding domain wallsUrsula Hansen, Niels Bohr Institut 15:40 - 16:20 Synchrotron radiation based very high frequency EPR for thedetermination of spin coupling parametersAlexander Schnegg, Helmholtz-Zentrum, Berlin 16:20 - 17:00 XMCD on magnetic moleculesJan Dreiser, EFPL Switzerland 17:00 Closing of the meetingKell Mortensen, Niels Bohr Institute » Read more

  • 25 September 2015, 14:00

    Chris Jacobsens "Seeing Chemistry in Cells: Opportunities with Coherent X-rays from MAX IV in Lund"

    Associate Division Director and Senior Physicist at Advanced Photon Source, US Department of Energy; Chris Jacobsen will give a talk entitled "Seeing Chemistry in Cells: Opportunities with Coherent X-rays from MAX IV in Lund" » Read more

  • 21 September - 23 September 2015

    User meeting MAX IV Laboratory

    This is the last User Meeting before moving to the new MAX IV facility. On the first day the meeting will look back on the 30 years of ligt at MAX-lab together with some key people in MAX-lab's life and former Directors. On day two there will be parallel session with different themes. Day three we will look forward together with the present Directors and our collaborators. As always there will be many interesting talks and activities during the three days! Read the programme Map Stadshall Lund » Read more

  • 17 September 2015, 13:00-18:00

    Network meeting of the UCPH's Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research

    » Read more