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An Ethnography of regional potentialities: The detection of sociocultural factors significantly influencing and potentially facilitating collaborative innovation related to the new large research facilities of the Oresund region

A comparative, transnational and multi-sited business-antrhopological research project connected to the initiary phases of the large synchrotron research facilities in the Oresund region. A team of anthropologists follow and ethnographically document selected socio-cultural aspects of the development of scientific-commercial collaborations and governance policies (with specific regard to social agencies and network) and their effects on synchrotron based commercial innovation in the context of regional development. The project situates itself in the field of organisational and business anthropology, but also draws on the anthropology of innovation, anthropology of governance and management and anthropological science and technology studies.

Collaborating institutes: The research is situated at the Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen

PhD, Associate professor Karen Lisa Salamon, Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Copenhagen University.
Post doc, Torbjörn Friberg, Department of Anthropology
Post doc, Simon Westergaard Lex, Department of Anthropology

Masterstudents with affiliation to the project:
MS in anthropology, Sophie Therese Burisch, Department of Anthropology
MS in anthropology, Maia Ebsen, Department of Anthropology
MS in anthropology, Sandra Thomas, Department of Anthropology