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Interaction of lipidated therapeutic peptides with solid surfaces and membranes: a mechanistic study using neutron reflectivity

Several therapeutic peptides are currently being modified using lipid chains to improve their therapeutic potential. However, this lipidation also causes challenges in terms of altered surface adsorption and interaction with membranes. This project aims to obtain a mechanistic insight into the (altered) interaction of these lipidated peptides with solid surfaces and membranes using amongst others neutron reflectivity. The latter method is expected to give important detailed information on the stucture of the adsorbed layer(s) and the effect of adsorption on membrane structure. This insight can, in turn, be used to improve the formulation of these lipid-modified peptides into better, safer and more stable products.

Associate professor Marco van de Weert, Department of Pharmacy
Associate professor Marité Cardenas, Department of Chemistry
Associate professor, Lene Jørgensen, Department of Pharmacy
PhD student Sofie Fogh Hedegaard, Department of Pharmacy

The project is funded by CoNeXT (2/3) and by the Department of Pharmacy (1/3)