Legal challenges to large-scale – University of Copenhagen

Legal challenges to large-scale international research infrastructures: The case of ESS and MAX IV

The legal sub-project of CoNeXT will focus on the challenges related to the managing and administraion of transnational consortia during the establishment and operation of large-scale research infrastructures. As part of the project i.a. the following questions occur: What legal frameworks can act as basis for such consortia? Who decides, and on what basis? To what extent is national participation subject to EU public procurement rules? And how do such procurement rules limit solutions whereby a consortium grants participants free access to suse the infrastructure as compensation for their co-funding. What role do intellectual property rights play in that regards? May competition laws of state subsidies within the EU affect such decision making?

Recognizing that this list of these potential questions is far from exhaustive, we have become engaged in collaborative article projects and seminar series. This is realized through collaboration with Professor Sine Larsen (Department of Chemistry, SCIENCE) and Karen Lisa Salamon (SAMF).

Associate professor Timo Minssen, Faculty of Law, Centre of Information & Innovation Law (CIIR)
Professor Mads Bryde-Andersen, Copenhagen Centre for Commercial Law (CCCL)
Research assistant & post doc in spe: Torsten Bjørn Larsen