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Neutron and X-ray scattering to study the structural dynamics of nano particles in microfluidics system for drug delivery applications

Microfluidics are used as a template to perform an in-flow formation of nanoparticles such as cubosomes and hexasomes, which are being heavily studied at the pharmacology department at the University of Copenhagen. Moreoever, the microfluidic template is designed in a way that allows us as researchers to perform SANS/SAXS (small angle neutron and x-ray scattering) in real time under different conditions (temperatures, flow rates, shear stresses, etc...).

This project is realized throudh collaboration between researchers from Pharma at the University of Copenhagen and the Niels Bohr Institute.

Professor Kell Mortensen, main supervisor and Head of Neutron and X-ray scattering department at the Niels Bohr Institute
PhD Aghiad Ghazal, Niels Bohr Institute and Pharma
Associate professor Anan Yaghmur, co-supervisor at Pharma, Univ. of Copenhagen
PhD Diana Intan Azmil, Pharma
Associate professor Camilla Foged, co-supervisor at Pharma, University of Copenhagen
Assistant professor Susan Weng, co-supervisor at Pharma, University of Copenhagen

Professor Jorg P. Kutter, Pharma, University of Copenhagen
Assistant professor Josiane Lafleur, Pharma, University of Copenhagen
Associate professor Jakob Kirkensgaard, Niels Bohr Institute
Professor Lisa Arleth and her group members (Søren Midtgaard, Grethe Jensen, Søren Kynde, Martin Pedersen, Pie Huda and others), Niels Bohr Institute
PhD Tomas Stankevic, Niels Bohr Institute