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Pharmaceutical materials research

Large-scale facilities opens the possibilities to study hanges as they happen, in situ and to charaterize the inhomogeneity of crystalline materials at the nano-scale. We study the mechanical and thermodynamic stability of polymorphic pharmaceutical materials using a range of techniques.

1. Combined in-situ micro-indentation and X-ray microscopy
2. In-situ pressure studies using synchrotron powder diffraction
3. In-situ solubility studies using PXRD and SAXS / WAXS
4. Thermodynamic stability studied by multi-temperature X-ray and neutron experiments

This project is realized through a collaboration between researchers from the Department of Chemistry, the Faculty of Science and the Department of Pharmaceutics at the Faculty of Health.

Associate Professor Anders Østergaard Madsen, Department of Chemistry, the Faculty of Science
Professor Jukka Rantanen, Pharmaceutical department, the Faculty of Health
Post-doc Anna Hoser, Department of Chemistry, the Faculty of Science
Master student Philip Miguel Kofoed, the Department of Chemistry, the Faculty of Science
PhD student NN (currently being employed)